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Free PR resources

What is PR and how can it help to grow your business?

Discover what PR is and how you can use PR to grow your business, establish trust, gain new customers and put your brand in front of a huge audience.

How to choose the right headline for a press release

The headline of a press release is one of the most important factors when trying to hook the interest of journalists. Discover the 5 key ingredients to utilise when writing your headline.

How to choose the right time to send a press release

Sending your press release to journalists at a relevant time increases your chance of getting media coverage. Discover how to get the timing exactly right with these 3 approaches.

Writing the winning press release

Capturing the attention of journalists and readers is what PR is all about. We share 5 tips to help make your press release a winner.

Getting to key journalists

One of the secrets to gaining media coverage is to get your stories to the right journalists. Explore how to find and connect with the journalists that are relevant to you.

5 Must Dos of a press release

In this video, we explore the 5 most important elements of any press release and how to best utilise them to increase your chances of gaining media coverage.

Free e-book:

How to write a press release

Discover how to write press releases like a PR expert.

The most effective press releases are short and to the point, using the fewest words required to tell the story. In this free e-book, you'll discover how to craft the key elements for every press release and how to prepare your press release for journalists and the media.

Free press release templates

Use our pre-built press release templates to build compelling stories around your business.

You have launched a new product/service

Sending a press release to announce the launch will help put your new product in the spotlight. Coverage from journalists or bloggers will act as a third party endorsement for your new product and will help drive sales.


You are organising an event

Anniversaries, new product launches, popup marketing activities, or new and emerging market trends provide the opportunity to plan special events. Let journalists know and your event could take a new dimension.

You have won an award

Winning an award will automatically increase your brand recognition and credibility. Make the most of your success by sharing it with as many people as possible. A press release will do the job perfectly.

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