Menta working with PR platform JournoLink

Building your brand profile in your sector and growing your exposure is an essential part of driving increased sales.  

PR is one of the best ways to do this with 84% of people trusting personal recommendations in their buying decisions. As journalists are considered trustworthy, PR helps you to get your product or service recommended to a very large audience.

This is why Menta has partnered with PR platform JournoLink, a tool enabling SMEs to manage their own PR affordably.  

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The platform provides you with the following tools:


Distribution System A press release distribution system, enabling users to send news stories to a targeted database of over 10,000 journalists 

build brand profile

Media requests function A media requests function, enabling journalists to access, through you, commentators and spokespersons from businesses relevant to the request


Media Room A media room builder, enabling you to build and manage a press page for your clients’ websites in no time at all, which automatically updates with the press releases distributed via the platform

Why use JournoLink for your PR?

Employing even a small PR Agency would generally cost over £1,000 each month. 

Through the Meta partnership with JournoLink the costs for businesses is just £49 a month (+ VAT). 

Drive traffic to your website Getting coverage in an online publication will boost your visibilty and automatically drive a lot of traffic to your website. Free advertising!

Drive traffic to website

Improve your SEO Online coverage is not only good for your brand recognition, it's also great for your SEO. Get new backinks from high-authority websites.

Build your brand profile & awareness Sending a press release is great for your brand awareness as you automatically get your brand in front of targeted journalists. One single news story can get your in front of a large audience.

build brand profile