Updated: 21/11/2022

This week's news forecast

Make your press releases, social media posts and marketing content relevant to current events by tying in with our curated forecast of the coming week's news.

What's Trending?

Holiday Season is coming

How is the weakness of sterling hitting your holiday business.....bookings abroad down, or at home on the rise? As the booking season begins, journalists are interested.


As the World Cup kicks off, and stories at all that have football connections, however tenuous will be of interest.

Interest Rates

Are you being hit be increasing interest rates? Are they filtering through to your sales with customers economising and spending less?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

What are the plans for your business? Events like these are always popular with journalists and good brand profile opportunities.

News Roundup

It’s all about Qatar in the news this week….and it won’t just be the football!


The only question this week is which journalists will be the busiest.


As England kick off against Iran, the sports writers will waxing lyrical, whilst the international followers will be more interested in the International Atomic Energy Agency resolution against Iran as it ignores its legal obligations under the Non Proliferation Treaty Safeguard.


The human rights pens will be doing overtime covering the inevitable demonstrations, whilst the LGBT titles will be adding their own colour.


The environment  spotlight will be bright too, as COP 27 winds down. With its fund agreed but little progress on reducing emissions, we’ll see challenges on FIFA’s environmental damage calculations on the un-green impact of the Qatar World Cup.


And the reporters will doubtless be making the most of Twitter , with the shackles removed.   The mischief makers will be more interested in Twitter itself, keen to remind Mr Musk that Monday is the third anniversary of him proudly promoting his cybertruck shatterproof windscreen, which promptly shattered in the demonstration.


Thank goodness Monday is World Television Day so we can all watch the replays. The same day is the 33rd anniversary of TV coverage of Parliament which has given us equally humorous viewing.


With the politicians in mind, Brexit will fight for the headlines, it being four years to the day on Friday that the EU accepted the UK’s exit. The Brexit writers will be analysing the Switzerland option, duly encouraged by quiet briefings from Number 10.


President Putin will have his say too. 10 years to the day on Monday saw NATO inviting membership from Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. Journalists will debate whether missile attacks on the Ukraine Nuclear site are an acceptable response.


The political hacks will be watching Rishi on Tuesday, 33 years after Thatcher resigned, but also 59 years after Kennedy was assassinated, albeit that Thursday’s Thanksgiving will be of more interest to the US followers.


Friday’s the day for the pet writers, looking for the Black Friday sales giveaways for the 3.2 million new pet owners thanks to the pandemic, on the same day that Pets at Home share the benefits of the fuffy companions, in their interim financial report.


But Sunday’s the day for the wry smile, as co-founder of Twitter, Joe Dorsey, recalls that on the day it’s just 12 months earlier he exited stage left. What a difference a year makes.


But for those who prefer to stay with human rights, they will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of the eight Uttar Pradesh donkeys just released following eight days in jail for eating plants. And in similar vein, the same day recorded the engagement of Harry and Meghan.


For the rest of us, Friday is Cake Day!