Updated: 5/6/2023

This week's news forecast

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What's Trending?

Anything Football

Football's still in demand as City pitch for the treble.

Views from businesses doing something to mark the Champions League Final are of interest

What'sApp's in the news

Does your business use WhatsApp......any stories to share around impacts in your business from inappropriate comments?


Journalists are looking for stories around strikes.The current rail strikes and the prospect of them dragging for a year.

Any comments?

Dads and Sunny Days

Father's Day and the Summer are in sight with this week the hottest day of the year. Presents, best barbecues and events for both are being sought for the 'must buy' and 'must do' articles.

News Roundup

Skeletons in the Cabinet in WhatsApp Westminster…that’s the media hot topic this week


Just when we all thought we could message anything on WhatsApp and be safe, the journalists this week will be telling at least the nervous finger happy brigade in Westminster that that’s not quite the case. They’ll be watching for whose leaking what and it won’t be Boris’s indiscretions that win the headlines.

Mischief writers will be musing over who will win the ‘fall guy’ award of the week. 

Rishi and Boris will both be in the running, but President Biden, just two years to the day on Friday since his first overseas trip will be a close contender for his more recent University dive, and the two who were rescued from their fall into the Mars M&M vat of chocolate in Pennsylvania just one year ago on Friday will be in with a shout too!

There will be two serious stories running from Monday right through to the end of the week.

The Environment is one focus, it being World Environment Day on Monday, the same day that Environmental Statistics are released by the Government. On Tuesday there’s a Net Zero debate in Westminster, and on Thursday it’s World Ocean’s Day, giving plenty for the environmental writers, and the various demonstrators of the moment to remind us that the planet needs saving.

Monday was also the day in 2019 that a study in the Environment Science and Technology Journal reported that the average person ingests 50,000 pieces of microplastic and breathes similar amounts. Enough to drive the foodies to make the most of Sausage Roll Day on Monday.

The second big story keeping journalists interested will be the Indian Rail disaster. Tragically Tuesday marks the 42nd anniversary of a similar incident between Mansi and Saharsi in India when 268 lost their lives.  Strike followers will be waiting for the RMT and ASLEF leaders to add health and safety to their demands.

The Ukraine Russian conflict will continue to keep the international writers busy, noting that it’s hard to believe that Monday marks the 32nd anniversary of President Gorbachev winning the Nobel Peace Prize. How things change.

Whilst the sports correspondents will have their eyes on Manchester, with City lined up for the triple on Saturday in the Champions League Final against Inter, for which the whole ‘city’ will doubtless be standing ‘united’.

It’s a week for the politicians recalling two elections for Thatcher and one for Blair in 1983.1987 and 2001 respectively.

And for those who can’t face any of the pending news there’s National Gin Day on Thursday to look forward to, followed by the 88th birthday of the formation of Alcoholics Anonymous on Saturday for those who overdo Thursday!