How to create a PR plan for my business

Download the beginner's guide to creating a successful PR plan.

It's commonly said that one piece of coverage is worth over 3 times the value of a traditional ad. Why? Because it gets you in front of thousands of people at a time and also gives you credibility as a company. 

We've put together a guide to creating your own PR plan and to help you get on and off-line coverage and seize media opportunities for your business. This guide includes:

  • A PR plan template
  • Top tips to fitting PR into your daily schedule
  • A press release template
  • Top tips to develop relationships with journalists
  • Top digital channels to explore for your PR

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The Guide Includes:

Why is PR important

Why is PR important for SMEs?

  • Definition of PR
  • Why is it so important
  • Assessing the value of PR
preparing your pr plan

Preparing your PR plan

  • A PR strategy in 30 minutes per week
  • Matrix PR plan
  • Elements of your plan (including a press release template)  
courting the journalists

Courting the Journalists

  • Creating the list
  • Building relationships
  • Getting the timing right
PR in the digital age

PR in the digital age

  • New media landscape
  • Using new levers
  • Where to go for an helping hand

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