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Give your business the kickstart it needs for 2022 with a special PR Boost package. Get your business seen in the media right now to drive up your sales into 2022. JournoLink provides all the tools and support you need to communicate to huge audiences.

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Back to travelling, Mother's Day, Easter, International Women's Day, and even Children going back to school are all great hooks for small businesses to promote their products and services in the media.

Now, more than ever, businesses need to take every opportunity to share their news in the media. To help kickstart sales into 2022, businesses can benefit from a special package that doubles the number of press engagements through the special PR Boost package costing just £150, giving you a reach into huge communities.

What you'll get with your 3-month subscription:

  • Two press releases per month
  • Your first press release written by one of our copywriters 
  • PR training sessions with journalist Tet Kofi
  • Unlimited responses to journalists' requests
  • Access to the events calendar to help plan your PR
  • Your own Press Room

Get unlimited responses to requests from over 10,000 journalists, bloggers and publishers across as many sectors as you like.

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"JournoLink gives Stand4 Socks opportunities to gain amazing PR without having to hire an expensive PR person. We have been in the Telegraph and the Guardian to name just a few, with no previous experience. I love being able to communicate direct, journalist to founder."

Josh Turner
Stand4 Socks

"I have been using JournoLink for over 18 months as I look to get the story of our little company Spice Kitchen out there. It's an amazing service whereby I get relevant requests from journalists, giving us opportunities to be involved with various newspapers and publications."

Sanjay Aggarwal
Spice Kitchen

"I cannot recommend JournoLink highly enough to anyone launching their own business. Their online service is my No.1 business tool to link my news stories to relevant journalists."

Nick Simms