Why use the JournoLink PR Platform to promote your business

PR agencies can cost £000's a month and require long-term commitments. By enjoying the FPB member benefit you can run your PR strategy for your business for less than £80 a month. 

Get in touch with JournoLink at support@journolink.com or book a demo to see how JournoLink can help you with getting publicity.

Drive traffic to your website. Getting coverage in an online publication will boost your visibility and automatically drive a lot of traffic to your website. Free advertising!

Drive traffic to website

Improve your SEO. Online coverage is not only good for your brand recognition, it's also great for your SEO. Get new backlinks from high-authority websites.

Build your brand profile & awareness Sending a press release is great for your brand awareness as you automatically get your brand in front of targeted journalists. One single news story can get your in front of a large audience.

build brand profile

FPB working with PR platform JournoLink

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Winning all important reviews and recommendations

9 out of 10 consumers and businesses rely on independent reviews and recommendations when making their buying decisions.

Positive media mentions are now more important than ever in building your business profile and growing your sales volumes. Which is why the FPB has joined forces with JournoLink to give you an easy-to-use and affordable way of getting your business news in front of the journalists and bloggers who matter.

Your FPB membership gives you a 10% discount off all JournoLink advertised prices.

To claim your discount just register below and send an email to support@journolink.com.

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JournoLink provides you with the following tools:


Distribution System A press release distribution system, enabling users to send news stories to a targeted database of over 10,000 journalists. Coverage can never be guaranteed but wide distribution helps. 

build brand profile

Media requests function A media requests function, enabling journalists to access, through you, commentators and spokespersons from businesses relevant to the request


Press Room A press room builder, enabling you to build and manage a press page for your website in no time at all, which automatically updates with the press releases distributed via the platform